• $45 per day/night

    • There is no more free day-use on moorings -- day moorings are $45 just like overnights

    • Vessels seeking free moorage are welcome to anchor in the outer harbor anchorage, which is serviced by the launch

  • Maximum LOA of 65-feet

    • Must include all platforms, bow extensions, etc... in LOA as moorings are assigned by swing room

    • The Town of Edgartown is not responsible for any damage caused to vessels that understated their overall length

  • Check-out time is 10:00 AM firm • Check-in time: 11:00 AM

    • Vessels past check-out will be charged for an additional day

    • We try hard to accommodate everyone so please communicate with us if you'd like to extend your stay

  • To request your assignment, hail 'Edgartown Harbor' on VHF Ch. 74 when entering the harbor.

    • As a courtesy, before hailing us, please stand-by momentarily after tuning into VHF Ch 74 to ensure you're not stepping on an ongoing transmission

    • Due to high volume, turnover, and varying swing-rooms and currents, all reservations are assigned upon arrival based on LOA

      • We do not give priority based on the date of reservation request. Most reservations are requested on opening day (March 1), so it's a moot point at best

      • If you are traveling with friends or prefer a specific spot, please make a note in the special requests. While we can't make any promises, we always actively try to keep cruises in close proximity and re-assign returning guests to their favorite mooring/section

  • Accommodations are only guaranteed to vessels with reservations, which can be made on our website or Dockwa's iOS & Android apps

  • Edgartown Harbor does not force rafting

    • Upon approval, vessels may raft with one additional vessel of equal or lesser length for a $20 rafting fee (not including catamarans)

    • Do not make a reservation for a smaller vessel and expect to be able to raft off a larger vessel. We'll try to accommodate, and if we can, it will likely be on a different mooring


  • Full & partial cancellations made 7+ days prior to arrival forfeit an administrative fee of $20

  • Full & partial cancellations made within 7 days of arrival forfeit the cost of one night's fee

  • Early departures will forfeit one nights fee

  • Please use Dockwa Chat to request changes to your reservation

Transient mooring rules & regulations

  • Two-week maximum stay per month for months of July & August.

  • Reservations cannot be transferred to other vessels or other dates. Vessel on record must be vessel on mooring.

  • Any yachtsmen that leaves their vessel on a mooring while leaving the island for any reason must advise the Harbormaster Department and provide emergency contact details. Those leaving for several or more days must also provide an island contact. This is strongly discouraged and not recommended.